Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Did It!!

Last Sunday, hubby and I entered the Run For Your Lungs event at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. This is an annual event held by the various associations to bring awareness about tuberculosis (TB) and its dangers. I was rather skeptic when En Rashid told me about the event. Truth be told, I HATE running, I've never been much of a runner, even when I was younger. But since he had already done the deed and paid the fees, I decided to just join and try to have fun. Plus, a few of our office mates were also joining the event, so at least I could run (or walk fast) with other people.

The event was to start at 730am, so the night before, we headed to my mom's house. Being without a maid, we had to think of where to drop off the kids before going. My mom was more than happy to take them. Hehehehe.

We headed out from my mom's house on Sunday at around 6.30am. We had no idea where the starting point was, so we just park at the nearest parking spot and starting walking about. We met up with a few more participants who were also looking for the starting point, so together we scouted the area. Seriously, they could have put up more signboards to alert the participants, especially newcomers like En Rashid and myself. Fortunately one of the people we met up with got hold of one of the organizers, who told us where to go.

It was mostly all photo taking sessions while waiting for the event to start. There were 7 categories altogether, A - Men's Open, C- Women's Open, B - Men's Veteran, D- Women's Veteran,E- Men's Teenagers, F- Women's Teenagers and G- Family/fun Run. We, of course, entered the G category. Heee. For categories A-D, it was a 7km run, while E and F had to run 5km. Category G only had to run 3km.

Around 750am, the blast went off for category G. And I started running.

And continued to run.

And kept on running.

Seriously, I went much further than I expected during my first round of running. It was only when I had trouble breathing, did I stop but continued by power walking instead. After a bit, I continued running again. Then power walked.

Then all of a sudden, I was back to the starting line so I decided to make a final sprint.

And it felt good. My muscles were screaming out and I was having trouble catching my breath, plus let's not talk about the buckets of sweat that was pouring out of my pores....but I felt really good!

Enjoy the pictures!!


Aapitz said...

Haaa...tuh laaa nampak budak2 nie post kat FB harituh...

Waahh..bagus laaa dah mula berlari2an kan..... janji berjaya abiskan.

Ingat next time kalo ado nak join jugak....if Along tau nanti roger2 laaa

Mana nyer gambo nyer...asal x kuar

Along said...

Huhuhu...the photos are all lost!! I lost my Blackberry and didn't transfer the photos to my laptop. Huhuhuhu..kena pi pinjam from sapa2 punya FB page.

OK, will buzz you if there's events like this again. Hang pi beranak dulu...hehehehe...