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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I lost my Blackberry!!


Seriously...this sucks big time. The best thing is, I lost it at Legoland!!

Freaking stupid Legoland. Curse that place! Grrrrr...

OK, so our trip to Legoland was a huge bust. 1st, we only got in after nearly one hour lining up for tickets.  Before you roll your eyes and say "why didn't you just buy tickets online?", it was because I wanted to use the "Kids Enter Free" vouchers. Kids tickets cost RM110, so I saved RM330 by using them.

It was freaking hot in the afternoon and mid-day, which was kind of expected. But then it started to rain around 3pm. And rained. And rained. Complete with thunder and lightning. Since there was lightning involved, all the rides stopped and everybody huddled indoors for hot coffee.

RM7.50 for a cup of hot coffee!! Shhheeeettt!!!

It was during one of my many trips to the toilet that I left it there. Huuhuhuhu...I can still see it in my mind, balanced on the tissue dispenser.

The worst part is that I lost all my photos that I took at Legoland. All my photos with Rachel Allen (yes, I met her! And she taught me how to cook!!). All my photos with Sarimah. Huhuhuhu...and also my photos taken during the Run For Your Lungs event.

So now I'm using this cokia HP phone that doesn't even have Whatsapp installed. En Rashid bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3, which he plans to let me use. So I guess I'm going android.

Bye Bye BB!


Huda Ahsin said...

Aduuuhh... kesiannya you...
Barang yg hilang jgn dikenang...
Kalau dikenang, bergenang-genang la air mata...
Hope you'll recover soon. Welcome back!!

ila de cute said...

adeiii... sayang nya those pics...

J.A.D said...

ouch... been there. know how u felt. lost my spanking brand new bb storm after 1 week sbb terjatuh dpn rumah masa bukak gate. realised after 15 minutes but it was gone already. looked for it everyday for 2 months straight before terpaksa meredhokan diri.

BTW android cool i tell ya! wayyy better than BB.. hehe..