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Thursday, November 06, 2008


I admitted myself to the hospital last Friday because I was getting more dehydrated by the day. Sucking on apples wasn't cutting it; my skin was already paper dry and I even had trouble catching a breath. I decided getting an IV drip would be my best bet, at least it would provide me the fluids I desperately needed.

I managed to drive myself slowly to the hospital because hubby was late coming home. Admission wasn't that hard and the nurses were very nice. They had a problem trying to put in the IV because my veins had shrunk. The doctor had to put the drip on slo-mo because too fast a drip hurt like shit.

All in all, I spent the entire weekend in the hospital and to tell the truth, I'm kind of glad I did. The IV really helped. The food sucked though but with hospital food, you can't expect 5 star hotel cuisine.

So now I'm resting at home. My doctor gave me 2 weeks of MC and eventhough I'm bored out of my mind, I really need this time to rest. I just can't think about anything else right now; not work, not the spa, not hubby, not even the girls.

If there's one thing (or rather person) that's really helping me with everything, it's got to be my new maid. She is just heaven sent!!! Since the first day she arrived, she just bonded with the girls and took over all the chores. Plus she cooks!! I love her.

I'm praying everyday that my MS goes away soon. I'm sick of feeling sick everyday. I know hubby's sick of it already. I think because when he goes to work, I'm still sleeping and when he gets back, I'm slumped in front of the TV, he thinks I'm having the time of my life. Truth is, half the time, I'm not even watching the TV, more like seeing through it. In my mind is that little voice constantly telling me "do not vomit, do not vomit." Eventhough I tell it to shut up, I just can;t get it out of my head. So I use the TV, the Internet, or even the girls to distract me. Grrrr...


Heather said...

Hang in there and just take care of yourself. I'm glad you went to the hospital because you needed some fluids.

Yan said...

rest cukup2 along.. pk yg best2 je.. hehehe..

theotheraj said...

plannye last week nak visit kau. tapi pikir2 balik kang kau muntah exorcist style kat kitorang, naya je haha

yati said...

hi along, i've been a silent reader of yours for some time now. firstly, congrats & alhamdulillah on your pregnancy. i'm in my 3rd trim now and had the worst MS this time around during the first 20 weeks. it sucks but believe me it will be over. if someone told me the same then i'll smack his/her face haha. just take care of yourself, you know yourself best. yang lain tu pekakkan telinga aje. all the best, insya-Allah!

Bead Bug said...

Along, take care ok. Semalam aku pergi rumah Nora, jiran kau tu, lalu depan rumah kau, nampak kereta ada & pintu terbuka. Tapi aku taknak disturb kau.Hope you'll get better.

Anonymous said...

why r u pregnant again?
why do u have to go through all this? for your family? tapi u abandon ur family...maid took over all the chores (kids and cooks)? hopefully not ur husband too.