Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I Hate Coming To Work

1. Getting up in the morning is such a battle and going to the toilet always induces a gag fest.

2. The recent fainting spells have me a bit scared, thus driving has to be done slowly.

3. My skin is already paper dry; the aircon in the office isn’t making it any better.


5. When people ask me how I’m feeling, I don’t know whether to puke in front of them, smile or punch them in the face. All 3 choices take too much energy.

6. People talk about what they’re going to have for lunch AN HOUR before lunch time. Even listening make me want to vomit.

7. The ride on the lift is torture, whether or not there are other people in it. Never knew small spaces could hold BO for so long.

8. All the other pregnant women in the office are actually happy and enjoying their pregnancy and their only concern is how much weight they’ve gained. Damn fluffies!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aku sebenarnya rasa besalah coz eventually we'll bump into each other and I don't even say hello or look at you! But after reading this entry, glad i did so. (saying hello ke people ask how u feeling shows people care bout u, not?) I just don't know what to say, just look at what u write here! specially No.5! So, people out there, please la! tak sedar sedar lagi ke...tolong lah jangan pedulikan dia. why u all still wanna fren her, she hurt u guys alot!

Along said...

Why I wrote #5 is not becoz I don't appreciate people's concern. I do. It was my lame attempt at humor. Sori u got offended. FYI, usually I just smile and say I'm doing better. But then since you've never talked to me or even looked at me, u wouldn't know that, would you?