Wednesday, October 22, 2008


2 days ago I got a hair cut. I got it short, really short. In my mind, I was thinking Posh Spice and her latest pixie cut. I told the hairdresser this, I want Posh Spice’s latest haircut. She looked at me and said “that’s really short.”

Yeah, kind of what I was thinking here. I can’t stand the smell of shampoo anymore so less hair to worry about, the better.

As I got ready to sit in the chair, the lady looked at me again. “Cacak-cacak punya style ah? (Spiky hair style?)”

Huh? Whatever. I just shrugged and tried not to breathe in so much of the chemical fumes of the shop. In other words, I concentrated in trying not to vomit during the hair cutting session.

I probably should have said something when she took out a long razor blade instead of the usual scissors. I probably should have said something when the hairdresser started to chuckle as she shaved my hair off. Instead I kept quiet and just watched the transformation unfold before me.

It was all over in 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, I had turned from lady with long shoulder length hair to boy with spiked hair.

I was Hillary Swank from Boys Don’t Cry. But then I don’t have her sharp features or strong jaw to pull it off.

Then I thought, “Good God, I look like Annie Lennox!!”

Great, I either looked like a lost boy or a 40 year old woman trying to be funky.

When I got home, hubby was already waiting.

“I cut my hair.”

“Oh, really. You’ve been talking about doing that for days.”

“It’s really short. REALLY short.”

“Can’t be that ba….Oh my goodness!”

Truth be told, hubby was rather good natured about the whole thing. The girls, not so much. Dina kept asking me why I now looked like a boy. Even my maid was like, “it’s too short.”

Ah well, what’s done is done. Hair will grow back anyway. Just one less thing to think about in my not-so-good condition nowadays.


Heather said...

Well it will be easier to take care of while you aren't feeling so great at this stage, and it will grow back and you'll be surprised at how soft the new growth feels. If you are taking prenatal vitamins, the it should grow back really fast too!

Anonymous said...

expressing your inner, pengkid? hehe

Along said...

Heather: Yes, my head feels so much lighter and I only need a drop of shampoo to take care of things. Plus, I'm beginning to like my really short hair. I wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

Joe: Pengkid? U of all people should know how far a pengkid I am...hehehe..just making a change for once.

Anonymous said...

now adik has the longest hair among us siblings, dat's a first right? you are just giving Ibu more bullets to fire him huh.
btw, need some of my hair gel dude? hee.

Along said...

I know...adik can be the "girl" in the family...hehehehe..

hair gel? U reminded me of Something Abt Mary...hahaha, no thanks!