Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Don't Mess With Me Right Now

I've been on an hormonal roller coaster ride since last week. I just can't pinpoint what or who has been pushing all my wrong buttons. The slightest thing has caused me to head to the nearest toilet to vent my frustrations out on the biggest roll of toilet paper and curse maniacally at the mirror.

How I wish I could just haul up people by the back of their pants and give them a swift kick to the butt. Or take my Berry Berry lipstick and make an "X" mark on their Mark & Spenser shirt.

Sometimes I can be such a wuss.

But yesterday I totally lost it. I was tired and felt a major migraine coming on. Just one remark, one stupid joke and I blew erupted like a volcano.

On the way back home, I cried and cursed and vented enough to make the worst pirate blush. All those cursed words I prohibited hubby to say in front of the kids? Yeah, yesterday, they were totally legit. I was screaming and yelling and my whole body was shivering from all that frustration. Hubby was scared for his life.

As a result I slept early last night. Who knew going half mad was such a tiring process.


moby said...

Whoa! Hope you're feeling better after that rant. Think happy thoughts, ok?

Bead Bug said...

rest assured that you're not alone having those episodes. I had mine sometimes. It good to know that I'm not the only person who succumb to my emotion.