Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bandung Honemoon - Day 3

So its Day 3 in Bandung. Again, we had the same breakfast early, though I was starting to feel 7am was rather to soon for me to have rice. I did however change to my preferred cup of tea, instead of coffee.

Today our plan was to travel to Rumah Mode, yet another must-go-to factory outlet. Apparently people go there to shop for jeans. Great, I really needed to get me some. Did I mentioned I only had one pair of slacks on me? And it wasn't actually all that clean anymore, with all that trodding through the rain the previous day.

So off we went to find the angkutan to Rumah Mode. Our hotel receptionist told us to walk to the nearest traffic light and wait for any angkutan that had Cicahuem-Ledeng written on it.

It took us 20 minutes to get to Rumah Mode, thanks to the kind people in the angkutan who told the driver where we were heading. Rumah Mode was a bit more classy than the other factory outlets we had been to, you had to pay for parking.

Unfortunately I didn't find anything I liked at Rumah Mode. There were tons of jeans, yes, but a lot of them were carrot cut. Not my style. I found one pair of red, sexy Fendi shoes that I really liked but unfortunately they didn't carry my size. Awatlah kaki besar sangat macam pesawah?!!! Hubby bought a pair of Prada shoes but couldn't find any jeans he liked either. All in all, Rumah Mode was a bit of a disappointment for us.

Fortunately along Jl. Setiabudi (where Rumah Mode is located) there were other outlets too. We walked uphill to look for a place to have lunch first. Based on my online research, there was a popular restaurant nearby called Sunda.

Indeed, after 10 minutes walking uphill, we found the restaurant; Rumah Makan Sari Sunda. The restaurant has a very traditional feel to it and reminded us of the restaurants we frequented in Bali. There wasn't any halal signs on the walls, so before we were seated, we asked the waitress whether all the food was halal or not. Fortunately she assured us everything was halal. We were asked whether we would like to have our meal indoors or outdoors. I wanted to eat overlooking the garden, so we headed outside. It had started to drizzle again so it made the atmosphere kind of romantic also.

We both ordered the fried rice with fried bean curd and roasted chicken. I had my usual ice lemon tea without the ice (heee!) while hubby tried the ice cendol. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, I took pictures of the garden and the restaurant. The garden was very nice but because of the rain, we decided not to venture down. There were a few huts in the garden where groups of friends could have their meals there and enjoy the scenery.
There even had a sand pit for kids to play in and a swing, which would have been nicer had it been the wooden kind.

The food was nice but the drinks were a bit too sweet. We had to ask for a glass of plain water to make it bearable. All in all, we spent Rp71.5k (RM25). Nice!

It was still drizzling as we made our way out from Sari Sunda. We made a quick dash to the nearest factory outlet (can't remember the name) and checked out the shoes. AGAIN, I failed to find any my size. I was starting to get frustrated. We headed next to Zenith factory outlet, across the road and a few doors down. Finally I found a pair of jeans I loved. Unfortunately they weren't of Guess or Versace brand but still I was just desperate to spend!! Hah! Hubby, of course, found jeans je liked also, but his HAD to be Versace. Bleh!!

The was a signboard outside of Zenith pointing the way to Deluxe Bag's. Ding, ding, ding!! It had started to rain a bit heavily so we made a dash for the outlet. It was there I bought my beloved Burberry bag. Sigh. Finally a purchase I was happy with. I love it, I love it, I love it!!

We then headed to Donatella, the place for shoes. You know the drill. Nada. The nice thing about the place though is that they had a nice room for prayers. Yeah, no need to head back to the hotel. We then took an angkutan to Cihampelas (Kalapa-Ledeng), another famous road for factory outlets.

Indeed, the outlets were outrageous here. For one thing, they were all named after Superheroes! There was Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Catwomen, even Rambo!! Hehehehe. They all sold the same thing, clothes, jeans, handbags, the usual stuff. We made our way to Cihampelas Walk, which was a huge shopping mall.
My back was starting to kill me so we decided to find a place to have dinner and rest our feet. We headed to the food court where I had bakso while hubby had kueh teow. Hubby bought a few shirts but I was just too tired to try out anymore clothes. We headed back to the hotel at around 8pm.

Day 4 -and more shopping- coming soon.


Anonymous said...

hi, am going to bandung next wk. I love handbags to. was wondering if the guccis n pradas there are rejected originals or imitation. what do u think?


Along said...

I think they're rejected originals. You can really smell the leather. If they're imitations, they're really good ones.

But at the prices they are, who cares if they're real or not. To teh naked eye, Coach still looks and feels like Coach. Hehehe...

Have fun in Bandung!! Hope my entries help plan your trip better.

puteri juliana said... that really you? it's peejay la. bila pegi bandung. bestnya. do email me soon