Friday, April 04, 2008

Bandung Honeymoon - Day 4 and 5

Day 4 was slightly relaxing. Not because we were both sick of FOs or shopping but because it rained heavily in the evening and made it impossible for us to venture outside the hotel. So of course we stayed in and did the next best thing.

That's right, we watched E! Entertainment Indonesia version. Hehehehe..

That morning we did quite a lot of shopping. Correction! Hubby did a lot of shopping. Initially we wanted to go back to Jl. Riau but in the end, we headed towards Jl. Merdeka. We stopped at Matahari shopping mall and did some window shopping. I bought a pair of slacks. I would have gotten my first pair of shoes but the only pair they had that fit me was stained. Hubby was looking for some jerseys, alas he didn't find any he liked. We had lunch at McDonalds; one thing different from back home was that they had a lot of rice meal sets.
Also their sauce tasted a bit funny. Their drive-thru system was rather funny; one girl would stand outside and wait for cars to drive up. She would take their order and then walkie-talkie it to the guys inside. She would then run inside to get the order and then run back outside to bring it to the customers. A lot of running!! Hahaha...I wanted to take a picture but didn't want to be so obvious.

After lunch, we headed to Merdeka Arcade where I tried on hundreds of jeans but couldn't find any that fit!! Grrrr...ini yang kena diet ni!! At last I bought some underwear, like how pathetic is that. Hubby bought a M&S shirt and a T-shirt.

After paying for our stuff, we headed to Istana Sepatu. There, after 30 minutes of trying every single shoes they had displayed, I finally found one that fit. And it was sexy!!And only cost Rp115k (RM40). Hubby was very patient with me coz I guess he had started to feel sorry with me. Sib baik jumpa le jugak satu pasang.

As we headed back to our hotel, we walked by some boys selling snakes. That's right, you read it right. SNAKES!! They has some really good looking ones, some were even beautiful. One of the boys (I forgot to get his name) even posed for me and let me hold his python.

Not that "python", the SNAKE!!

Hubby bought some DVDs, like American Pie 7?!! WTH?! Apa-apa je lah. We walked back and reached the hotel around 3pm.

As it rained most of the evening, we finally felt hungry enough to venture out for dinner around 8pm. We ate the the Simpang Raya Restaurant. Before bedtime, we cut off all the price tags from our purchases and packed our bags (which had grew from 1 to 4).
On our final day in Bandung, hubby and I did some last minute shopping at the FOs near the hotel. We stopped at Up Town FO, where I found another pair of jeans (yeah!!). Of course, hubby did too and his HAD to be DKNY. Urgh, that's it. Next Bandung trip will not be with hubby.
I did however cheer up a bit at Solution FO. I found a pair of sexy CK shoes, that fit!!

We had called for a taxi to come and get us at the hotel at 11am. Turned out the taxi fare from the hotel to the airport was only Rp21k!! What did that human leech charge us the 1st day we arrived? Rp150K!!! Argh, when I think about it...takpelah, benda dah sudah.

But yeah, a note to all future Bandung travellers, if you plan to travel by taxi, ONLY TAKE BLUEBIRD TAXI. And make sure they use the meter. However, unless you're travelling with small children or old people who can't walk far, your best bet for getting around would be the angkutan.

I'll talk more on my key learnings (hah!!) in Bandung. Till then, be good people.


Jenny said...

Really enjoyed reading this, I've never been out of the States so I'm fascinated by how things work in other places!

Thanks a million for linking my blog in your Blogroll!

moby said...

The one and only time I've been to Bandung was in 1985. The place looks so different now. Of course, 23 years is a LONG time! Hehe!

ila de cute said...

along, syok nya...i love bandung too.. hehhe

Anonymous said...

hi again, thx for your reply. am taking a lot of notes he he. only thing that worries me is the fact u susah cari size ( dlm gambar takde la besar mana pon). baru je ingat nak gi sehelai sepinggang n shop till drop there. now suspen la gak. - zarina, kl

Along said...

Jenny: Hi there!! Thanks for dropping by. Glad u enjoyed the entry. I had fun remeniscing too.

Moby: Dude, you need to get your butt there again soon. Shop till you drop!! Hee

Ila: Yes, it was fun. But next time I go, it will be a girls only trip..heheheh..

Zarina: FYI, my shoe size here in M'sia is 8. Heehehe, tu yg macam pesawah tu. If you're size is 4-6, you should have no problem finding teh shoes that fit. My jeans is usually 29 waist (or 30) and 34 long. Indonesians are mostly smaller I guess.

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salam kenal semua, ai lop yu pul

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