Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good Vibrations All Around

First of all I want to say thanks to those who gave comments, sms'ed me and YM'ed me with regards to my last post. Memang tengah bengang when I wrote the entry but thanks to you guys, I've cooled down. What for get all riled up over negative comments, right? Like my good friend Liza said, "just take it as a compliment, depa bleh terasa tercabar ngan ko". Hahahaha...oklah. Enough said. Let's go on to more positive stuff.

Thanks also to those who have been asking me about the spa and when it's going to open. Memang tak sabar, kan? Just to update everyone, renovation is in full swing. The plumbing has been done, now we're in the demolition stage. After this would be laying down the tiles and putting up the room partitions. Before that, we have to make sure the Jacuzzis and saunas are also in place. Once all the "heavy stuff" has been taken care of, we'll start putting in the aircons, fans, lights, reception counter and other spa equipment and office furniture.

We've done the design for our big banner that's going up in front of the spa. A million thanks to all those who helped;

1) Our fabulous photographer, Ms Hasmah aka Jojet for taking such great shots of our model and her cute baby. If you guys have a wedding, birthday party or any other events that require a photographer, I would highly recommend her. Please visit her website to see her great photography skills in action or call her at 013-3420717.

2) Our make up artist, Kak June who took her time and made sure our model was looking fresh and lovely. Anyone looking for a make-up artist, can call Kak June at 017-3777553 or email her at Kak June even does decorations for the pelamin and bridal bedroom and hantarans for weddings, so those of you who are tying the knot in the near future, can call Kak June to discuss.

3) Shah and Win from Aspirasi Screen who did the design and printout for the banner and also our wall sticker. You guys are great. And funny...layan je lah. Hehehe. Anyone looking to make any banners, buntings and such, can call them at 03-9283 5461.

4) Last but not least, to our beautiful models, Pn Liris and her comel-yang-amat-sangat baby girl, Issabel. Thanks for being such sports and for having us at your house until late night.


Hubby and the kids are in Melaka right now. They went back last night and are scheduled to be back home after Isyak, with my MIL in tow. Tomorrow hubby and I will be heading off to Bandung for our much awaited honeymoon #3. Hehehehe, jangan jeles. I plan to do lots of shopping, eating, shopping, shopping and shopping some more. If I can find the time, I might try out the spas over there, see if I can get any ideas for IREE Touch.

We'll be back on Thursday, so until then, be good people. Take care.