Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Transport Problem Solved

Finally, the dilemma of Dania's transport to school has been resolved. She takes the van to her morning school, which comes at 7.50am. She's the first to be dropped off after school, so by 11.10am she's already back home. For her Kafa school, her ustazah finally "volunteered" herself to pick up and send Dania to and from home. Which was what we wanted and would have asked for if she hadn't suggested the idea herself. The important thing is, Dania doesn't have to take the motorbike to school, which puts my mind to much rest.

How has school been faring so far? So far, so good. Dania's always been excited about school, but she really loves her Kafa school. Maybe it's the uniform, or the teachers or the other students. Maybe it's the fact that her books are all in Jawi and she can't wait to learn how to read them.

Anyhow, school has been good for Dania. Her schedule isn't to tiring, she still has time for an afternoon nap and a nice lunch. She also has time to play with Dina.

So yeah, 2008 has gotten better for Dania. Yeah, Dania!!!


knv said...

two thumbs up to Dania, AND her supermommy!!!

p/s: my son pun dah tukar to new school bus. ada ke yang lama tu mula2 agree to take him lepas dua hari kata tak sanggup sebab ramai sgt! bengong tul! nasib baik dapat carik pengganti cepat.

yes! the best to our kids!!