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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Disgusting News of the Day

* Paris Hilton receives award from Harvard University. Harvard....why?

* Brad Renfro dies at age 25 due to drug and alcohol abuse (more sad than disgusting but still)

* Jamie Lynn Spears is now facing teenage pregnancy without boyfriend Casey Aldridge (disgusting because 1. the fact that a 16 year old is sexually active and stupid enough to get pregnant 2. her 19 year old boyfriend is not in jail for statutory rape 3. he has the gall to make claim that he may not be the baby's father. Whatever)

* Pamela Anderson gets divorced....AGAIN!!

* Latest reality show - Celebrity Rehab. Come on, now!!!

* This morning during shower, I discovered my snot is green. Hmmm...nice.


moby said...

And the award for most disgusting news goes to .... Green Snot! :P

Along said...

Moby: Hahahah..thank you, thank you. It is indeed an feat that I'm so proud of. Heee...

raggedyanne said...

hahah hey, green snot is supposed to be good what? orang tua2 cakap dah nak baik lah tu

Along said...

RA: Ye ke? OK, then I'm not so freaked out because I REALLY want this fever/cough thing to go away!! But siot!!

anamiraa said...

harvard bagi paris hilton award apa? musykilnyeeeeee! must be something in fashion la kot!

btw i vote the green not to top the list of disgusting news! ;-P

Yan said...

*shrug* hijau tu.. hehehe.. pekat + likat.. yahahahaha

Sya said...

OMG... that must be so disgusting. hehehe.

#3 - mana tumpahnyer kuah kalau tak ke nasi? :)