Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Like NeYo Said - So Sick

I am sick again. This time I have a very bad cough, so bad that I think I have a swollen gland. It hurts when I swallow and when I touch the side of my neck (stop touching it then!!). I plan to spend my lunch hour in the splendid office of Dr Gomez, as that's the nearest clinic around here.

Actually I'm feeling better than I did last Sunday. That was fun. I had the fever and my body was aching all over. My joints felt like someone had taken a baseball bat and gone all "Joe DiMaggio" on me. Even moving my fingers caused pain. I spent the night shivering under the covers, with 2 pairs on socks and an old sweater on. I rub tiger balm on my joints and they felt much better the next morning. 2 panadol pills also help bring my fever down but now I'm left with this irritable cough that just won't quit.

Bak kata orang2 tuakan, beringatlah sewaktu sihat. Dah sakit nanti, takleh pikir benda lain. kurang beramal sunatlah ni agaknya. Kena ubah sempena Maal Hijrah...insya'allah.


dillazag said...

me also just recovered from shivering fever. in-house lactation consultant said could be mastitis. hmm, maybe i should blog about it.. heh heh heh

Along said...

Dillazaq: Aisewh...musim sakit ah ni. What they call it in US? Hay fever...hahahah..apa2 je's to both of us recovering soon.