Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007

2006 is coming to an end. When I look back, I realize this year has not been such a good year for me. Things happened in the office and at home, that I would rather not think about anymore. If only I could erase parts of 2006..

But I realize I can only learn from the past ad try to make year 2007 a better year for me and my family. FYI, my Chevening Scholarship application was rejected so I guess pursuing my Masters may not be in the plans for 2007. Work wise, I truly hope I can get a transfer. It’s not just the workload and such, it’s just I need to be doing something different in order to keep sane. With what has happened the past year, I don’t think I can even fake enthusiasm going back to the office.

Family wise, hubby and I have agreed to expand our litter of kittens. Maybe we’ll get a boy this time. Hehehe, it doesn’t matter, so long as he/she is healthy.

Resolutions? I don’t really believe in them, so far all resolutions I’ve made have only lasted until February. However, I do hope to take better care of myself, perhaps go to the spa every 2 months or so.

As for the kids, Dania starts school next year. Yep, my little girl is not so little anymore. I registered her at Smart Reader since it’s near our house and they provide transport. Plus, I checked out their learning syllabus and it pretty much covers the basic skills she’ll need for real school later. Also, they have Mandarin classes. I intend to sign her up for that too. Dania’s already so excited about going to school. I have yet to buy her stationary supplies, maybe today.

Dina will be starting Tumble Tots next year. I hope she’ll be able to learn how to share and socialize with kids her age. She enjoyed her trial run, even if she was rather comprehensive the first 20 minutes or so. I think since Dania has been teaching her most of the TumbleTots “moves and grooves”, she’s pretty familiar with the concept.

As for hubby, I guess he’s doing great at work. At least, better than me, but since I literally get sick at the thought of work, that’s not saying much. The important thing is, eventhough he’s super busy at times, hubby truly loves what he’s doing. The pay increase is like cherry on the top; I love it coz it has lessened my financial contribution to the family. More money for my shopping!! Hahaha, no really, the way I see, if hubby continues to excel at work, maybe…then maybe, I can truly quit and start my own business as I’ve wanted to for so long.

So, here’s hoping 2007 brings all of you much hope and happiness, may it be better than 2006.


ajab booboo said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and a Happy New Year to you! May 2007 be better and more meaningful for you. :D