Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Birthday Post for Dania - 4 Years Old

My Dearest Dania,

How time flies. Ibu just can’t believe that you’re four years old. How grown up you seem to me. It seemed just yesterday you were learning to walk, then learning to talk, then talking non-stop. What will you be like by your next birthday? Will you still love the Powerpuff Girls? Would you still be afraid of the dark? Will you still enjoy sitting on my lap as we watch cartoons or animal documentaries from Animal Planet? All your questions; Why did the monkey fall down? Why did the elephant cry? Why did the bird die?, all needed answers that made sense. In fact, I learned a lot from you too as I would sometimes listen to you explain stuff you saw on TV to me when I got home from work.

Your birthday party today was small but meaningful. Ibu apologizes for not being able to buy a Powerpuff Girl cake like I knew you would have liked, but you were excited enough seeing The Incredibles instead. To add more birthday cheer, we bought party; green for you coz that’s your favorite color and yellow for your sister, coz according to you, that’s her favorite color. The look on your face as you blew out the candles and as you cut the cake was as amazing as looking at the Grand Canyon for the first time. You awed me with your sincerely thankfulness for everything, eventhough it was just a small cake with four, small candles on top. You never seem to amaze me with your antics; sometimes being so hard to please, yet at times even the simplest things like seeing a little bird land on our porch would send you into an overexcited frenzy.

My Dearest Buttercup,
Can I mention again how much you’ve grown since last year? Your favorite TV shows are no longer Bob the Builder or Jojo’s Circus but Hi-5 because of the cute uncles shaking their booty to the songs. Hahahaha. You even love watching CSI with me, even though you always have 2,310,897 questions about the show.

You’re so independent now; it freaks me to think ahead to the time when you’ll no longer need my help. As a mother, I need you to need me, but I guess as time goes on, I'll have to adjust too and learn to let you go. Until then, I'll cherish having by you my side everyday.

You’re such a big girl now; so eager to help with “grown up” chores. Can I water the plants, Ibu? Can I help with the lawn, Wan? Can I play with the computer, Abah? Can I help sweep the floor, Kakak? But trying to get you to tidy up your toys is like trying to pull teeth from a raging bull. Torturous!!

My beautiful Flowergirl,

Thank you for providing me with so many wonderful memories. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses you’ve given me. Thank you for all the “I love you” and “I love you, too” whispers we give each other during bedtime. Thank you for all the back rubs and hair combing sessions, giving each other makeovers and putting on pretend fashion shows.

Most of all, thank you for being in my life and for being such a wonderful daughter. I hope for this birthday, all your fairy wishes come true.

You are, and will always be, my little princess.

Love, Ibu


ila de cute said...

Along...the birthday note is really touching..aiyakk apsal ila plak yg syahdu?? bukan birthday note utk ila pun...hehheeh

anyway, happy birthday dania!!!

Zakiah said...

Happy Bday Dania!

Cepatnyer masa berlalu kan? dah besar dah anak dara along. Anak kita baru nak masuk setahun. Dia pun suka tengok Hi5. Siap joget joget ikut depa nari lagi.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Anja!!

U've got so much love to give and for dat i'll be forever grateful..

Hope U'll like ur present tonite.. Maybe I shud demand a 5 mins drum solo b4 giving it to you.. hmm..

Sangatlah sangat love Anja..

Syikin said...

happy birthday dania..moga jadi anak bijak yang solehah, anak cantik yang solehah, anak berjaya yang solehah..pembantu ibu dan ayah di akhirat nanti..amin.

so touching the're such a loving mother. bila dania dah pandai membaca, suruh dia baca entri ni ..mesti dia sebak.

moga Along boleh dpt ramai anak lagi utk menerima belaian kasih along..ok..

noresh said...

happy 4th bday dania! without a doubt, your ibu would move heaven and earth for you.

have a wonderful bday, dear and may Allah bless you always!

Sya said...

happy birthday dania!

along, the birthday note is so sweet la. it must have been 4 wonderful years for you, right?

Along said...

Thank you to all for your kind wishes. On behalf of dania...takkan wishes je, takde hadiah ke? :D.

Ila: Nanti Syahmi dah 1 yr old, bleh plak ibu dia tulis b'day note jugak. kan?

Zakiah: Itulah, kalau bab joget bagilah kat Dania tu. Gaya #1!!

Ngah: Thank you for the present. Tapi still kalah ngan doctor set yg ibu dia belikan tu. :D

Syikin: Amin, semoga apa yg didoakan tu menjarealiti. Kita sebagai parents kan memang selalu nak anak2 jadi yg terbaik. Ramai anak lagi? Hehehehe..isya'allah.

Noresh: Move hills and mountains pun bleh!! Hehehe..

Sya: It's been more than wonderful. So fulfilling. To me, motherhood is the best job ever, even if my boss is a bossy 4 year old. :D

marybishop said...

Happy belated birthday Dania and my very best wishes for a year filled with fun and laughter, toys and kisses.

What a beautiful save it to give to her when she is's just lovely!

nani said...

Along, bestnya entry ni. Rasa nak kuar ayaq mata baca hehehe...
best kan tengok anak membesar depan mata. Alas, my litlle girl is only 3 yrs old this yr, macam tak sabar nak tengok dia membesar.. tapi sebab cousin dia boys ramai, dia suka power rangers n batman. Power Puff dia tak amik tau pun. spongebob pun dia suka.

oh ye, 9/9 ni anni ke 5 kan? samo la kita.. hikhikhik tarikh kenduri kita sama la Along.. rasa cam nak gi honeymmon cam Along n Ayam pegi Bali tu, tapi sebab anak aku si Aisyah kenit sorang tu je, rasa cam kesian lak nak tinggal dia.. tapi tang hadiah aku dah remind kat husband aku since last yr lagik! :D


Krissy said...

Happy Belated fourth birthday Dania! May every 4 year old girl in the world be as fortunate as to be as pretty a princess as you are.

What a sweet baby!

Along said...

MB: Thank you so much for stopping by. I do intend to handwrite all the birthday notes and save them so they can read them again when they're older.

Nani: Kalau nak bawak anak kecik, better pi Bandung kot. Bali not so child friendly. Ngan, tidak. Tapi kalau bersama cik abg, pi PD pun kira romantik jugak kan? :D

Krissy: Thank you so much. Yes, she's grown up so much..I call her the "expired" baby. Hehehehee...

aapitz said...

Happy belated birthday dania....raser macam baru jer lagi wish birthday post for dania's 3rd birthday... time flies that fast huh...?? Makin tengok anak ko membesar, kiter pon makin tua laaa jugak kan.... Kalo dania dah 10 thn....ko dah berapa ..? aku plak dah berapa..? uwaaaaaaa...

hazel said...

alamak.. lambatnya wish.. sorie ek Dania! Auntie awak yg sorang ni mmg dah lama tak jenguk blog! Hehe.. Happy belated birthday!!