Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Repeat After Me....It's All Gooooodd

I received some good news today. I finally got my new job grade, which of course translated into more money. Not much, just RM200 more but oklah. It didn’t come as a surprise to me; actually I had been waiting for it for over a year.

I know I should feel thankful, but for some reason I feel slightly bitter. When I got the news and confirmation letter, I had to listen to a lecture from a certain person, on how it was hard for him/her to fight for my new grade, how he/her had gotten in a argument with the CFO about it, how the CEO was pressuring him for rewarding staff who failed to deliver.

Failed to deliver??!! I beg your pardon!! You’re saying for the past 3 years, I’ve been sitting on my ass doing nothing? That I haven’t been heaving myself to numerous meetings, putting up with partners’ kerenah mak nenek, hauling myself to events, missing out on time with my family….macam-macamlah!!

Urghhhh. Seriously, if it wasn’t for this bloody ½ million bond on top of my head, I would just blow this joint. Having a boss from hell really dampers my mood at work. There are times I dread waking up, especially on Monday, knowing that I have to survive 5 long days until the weekend.

Because of this, I’ve decided to try and make my time at work more enjoyable. I’ve joined the aerobics classes, which is great coz it gives me an outlet to let off steam. I’ve signed up for the bowling tournament. I take my lunch time seriously and refuse to answer any phone calls while I’m eating.

Tomorrow’s Thursday. Just one more day until the weekend.


Zai Zulkifli said...

Hahaha...23 dah yek Long..coincidently noon tadi boss aku tulis surat suggestion utk naikkan gred aku tak tau lah dapat ke tidak...harap2nya murah rezeki cam kau...tapi rasanya kalau dapat takdelah kena lecture cam kau


Along said...

Zai: 23? If only!! 22 le beb..sedih tak? Korang somo dah lama merasa gred tinggi, ni baru le dapat merasa. Macam menagih je dibuatnya.

happy2gether said...

along...emm mmg frust bila kita give our best effort but people doesn't appreciate it...tu yg demotivatedkan...takpela at least u know u did yr best...anyway congrats...yg non exec ni lg kesian, tu yg mai kena blajar lagi tp reality nya dah penat, tambah dah ada baby ni.

marybishop said...

It's happening everywhere I guess...good hard workers no longer get rewarded, and screw-ups without a family do well.

It seems that corporations like single men and reward them. Married women just are second class...hell, women are second class in business!

I don't like that. Women have to bond together and stop that from happening.

There are more women on the face of this earth than men. At any time we can whip them into shape!!!!

Syikin said...

tahniah along!!

tp marah gak bila baca apa yg org tu cakap ..sabor jelah ya.

bestnya trip p langkawi ngan family. bilalah saya nak bawak anak2 p pulak?

lieawulf said...

hari ni (AHAD) kena kerja tanpa gaji sebab budak2 baru register. naik lenguh jaw dok asyik kena senyum kambing memanjang...

sebulan lagi, after that bye2 lecturehood (temporary).

lieawulf said...

eih salah...mesej utama


ila de cute said...

along, congrats naik gred!! isssh menyampah nya dengar boss cam tu... boss kitaorg lagi lah asyik cakap pasal age factor... yg dah berumur sket lagi senang naik gred..macam ila ni (helllooooo i am not young anymore!!!) dia cakap "you ada byk masa lagi"...boleh dia ckp cenggitu? kalau tanak naik kan tak yah le sibuk nak justify kan...ishhh tak faham betul perangai boss boss ni...

Along said...

Mai: Hope you get ur degree soon without any major hitches.

MB: The situation does suck. My boss perviously made a statement that he prefers male employees coz they don't get pregnant, don't have to take long maternity leaves, don't have to stay at home when the children are sick, etc. I wasn't there to hear it 1st hand but I beleive the person who told me. He seems just the type to say such a thing.

Syikin: TQ, itulah...marah tapi tetap bersyukur. Takpelah, rezeki kita Tuhan yg tentukan..

LW: Hahahaha...Tq tq...

Ila: Memang, terasa je time tu nak cakap "You're making it sound like I don't deserve this grade. Maybe you shouldn't give it to me if it's causing you too much trouble." GERAM!!!!!!