Monday, August 30, 2004

Happy Merdeka Malaysia!!

The office was like a ghost town today. Many took leave today as tomorrow is a holiday (Independance Day). Should have done the same...have a splitting headache. But since I'm taking Friday off to go for my check up, figured might as well come to the office and get some work done.

47 years since Malaysia got its independance. Somehow I feel that to the youth of today, Independance day has lost all its original meaning. To most, it's just another holiday. Should I include myself in that category? Too tired to argue the point.

Happy belated birthday mom!! Sheesh...I totally forgot it was yesterday. Another reason for me to burn in hell. *Sigh*. Yesterday at Ikano, bought her a last minute present and card. Will give it to her tomorrow when she comes by the house. Must have Dania all dolled up and look cute..hopefully she'll forgive me. Ahaks.


azrin said...

Happy belated bday to your mom too ;-)
Mine is comming soon!! 20th Oct!! Don't forget my present yaa!!! hihi.. =D

Anonymous said...

Let's not talk about the meaning of independence and its relevance to today's youth, but let's talk about the inaneness of celebrating Independence Day on 30th August and shouting "Merdeka!" when the clock strikes midnight.

People, this is not New Years. Please don't act stupid. TAR left an everlasting memory with his shout of "Merdeka!" 47 years ago in a momentous occasion that signifies we are finally free! I don't really see TAR 47 years ago pondering on the wisdom of his decision making the declaration the next morning instead at the stroke of midnight:

TAR: You think I should declare it at midnight or the next morning?
TAR's aides: Dunno, technically the day starts at midnight.
TAR: Hmm, but would I be undermining the historical importance of this declaration by making it 8 hours late!??
TAR's aides: I dunno, I'd rather sleep at midnight to tell you the truth.
TAR: Next morning it is!

Stupid, I tell you.