Monday, August 30, 2004

Being pregnant...the second time around.

First I wanted to make this into a pregnancy diary. But seeing how I'm already into my 8th month (just a few more weeks to go!!!), I've decided to make the topics random. However today I will touch on the delights..(and pains) of being pregnant.

Bran really works!! Not to gross anyone out but if you have know, doing business in the restroom, then Bran is the way to go. My doctor suggested it after hearing that I only went once a week..and had extreme pains in doing so. Not wanting to get graphic here, the.."thingy" now comes out like butter!! Ahaks...sometimes you never know where you can find pure pleasure.

Baby was kicking and somersaulting all nite. Couldn't sleep from 1am till 3.30am. I know coz my handphone kept beeping every change of the hr. I should really silence it after this. I think she's also restless to get out. It must be getting really crowded in there.

I'm still getting those dreams that I'm gonna deliver some place other than the hospital. Like for instance, a few nights ago it was at Tesco. I've dreamt of giving birth in the office many times. Suprisingly I wake up not feeling at all freaked out. More...relieved, that it's finally over. I should really get my head checked after this.


azrin said...

Selamat melabor yaa along. Kat farmasi ada ubat bentuk buah pear!! Pun sesuai utk kronik case!! hehhee..

Anonymous said...

hi along... hamdi here... i know we havent been keeping in touch as much, but its nice to be able to update myself about your going ons in this blog :) keep it up!

btw, if its a boy, any chance naming the dude Hamdi? :P

Anonymous said...

Deliver at Tesco? Ok what. Lifetime supply of baby diapers and milk formula from Tesco.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaay to much info :O

as my favorite screen idol of all time would say:

"Riiiiiiiiiigggghht" - Dr. Evil, from Austion Powers, International Man of Mystery

Along said...

hahahah...yes, I did warn you..but my intention was not to gross anyone out!! What goes up on my blog are things going thru my head at that time and date.

Hamdi..haha, nice try but I doubt I'll name the kid after you!! Unless you wish to set up a trust fund for the kid, then I'll reconsider :))