Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Yesterday I received a very dubious phone call from this lady who claimed to be from a credit rewards company. She quickly introduced herself (kind of mumbled the company she was from) and proceeded to tell me the purpose of the call.

Congratulations!! For paying your credit bills on time, we are going to reward you.

Now we just need your bank's name and the expiry date on your credit card.

Wait a minute!!

First of all, if I was to be rewarded for being such a good payee, wouldn't my bank be the one to reward me?

Second, why do you need my credit card info to reward me IF you already know I'm such a good payee?

Third, why did you get all impatient and antsy when I asked you these questions? You kept pressing me for my credit card info without giving me sufficient details on what I was giving it for.

In the end, I told gentleman nicely (the initial lady had passed over to her "supervisor" when I wouldn't give her my credit card info), thanks but no thanks.

He still persisted. Wouldn't you feel bad missing out on all these wonderful rewards? (He still wouldn't tell me what those "rewards" were, being very vague...hotel stays, vouchers, bla, bla, bla).

I told him, NO, I don't need any rewards. I don't feel comfortable giving out my credit card info over the phone to strangers. Yes, you can take me off your "exceptional payee" list.

Yes, you can stop calling me from now on.

What do you think me to be, a sucker?


raggedyanne said...

oh god! i got the same phone call yesterday!! but i didn't spell my name right & lied abt my credit card info (the exp date), then nunu pooped. so I got excuse to get off the line, and the operator told me she'd call me again. Do u think I'm in trouble?? oh gosh!

moby said...

You did the right thing! Never EVER give away your private info.

Anne! Aiyooohhhh!!! Nanti they give you one truck-load of freebies ah! Dump in front of your place! Hehe!!

Along said...

Anne: If you gave wrong info, I think you should be ok. I told hubby abt the phone call and he said that's how they try to get info from you to be able to use your credit card to make unauthorised purchases. Scarryyy!!

Moby: Yeah, the gal and her supervisor sounded mighty I'm not so greedy as to risk my credit card info for a bunch of free stuff I don't need anyway.

raggedyanne said...

i wasn't interested i what they're offering, but as usual, i'm too 'nice' to curtly dismiss them (i know, i gotta work on my mean streak more). But it doesn't help when the lady on the other line sounds very nice in the 1st place. i know some telemarketers (doing legitimate biz) who's just doing their job and i hate to ruin their day by being plain rude, coz it's karma u know (i'm not saying you are, coz u did good! nice but firm. kena belajar ngan u ni) So usually i'd listen to what they'd offer and nicely turn them down. but that day, in my haste to hang up & go wash nunu's yakyak i didnt know why i gave them my name & the fake date (haha, the cc wasnt even under my name!) so of coz i'm a little panicky!

mobs, if betul2 freebie i dont mind, but if i gotta go over to their place to claim my freebies & hotel/restaurant vouchers & whatnot, sorry byk2 lah. ada ulterior motive liddat