Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kids Say The Darnest Things

I came home from work today as soon as I could. I had visions of the children running around naked playing with the water hose while hubby was cowering in a small corner, mumbling nonsense to himself. So you can imagine my relief when I drove up to the house and saw that it was still intact and not burnt down to the ground. Seriously, maybe I should give hubby a little more credit. Hehee..

Dania was, in fact, in the midst of doing her homework out on the porch. Dina was riding her bike, pretending to be an ice cream saleswoman. I sat with Dania and looked over her homework. Dina came over, ringing her bell.

"Ibu, what iceklim you want buy?"

"Hmm...I'll have a chocolate ice cream."

"OK. Oney (money), please. Kaklong, wat boat you?"

"I'll have a mango ice cream."

" No mango."

"No mango? What you have?"

"I have.....EGG ice cream!! Here you go. Oney, please."

"Egg ice cream?! YUCK!!"

The laughter that followed rang throughout the house. Sometimes kids do say the darnest things.


halwafy said... youngest also like to ride on this bike in the backyard and pretend to sell ice cream to his brother and me....sama je idea budak2 ni...LOL!

moby said...

Egg ice cream is not bad. Could have been worse. It could have been ear wax ice cream or something.

(Harry Potter hangover!)

Along said...

halwafy: Dina not only sells icecream but also roti bun, and fruits. She has no basket on her bicycle so she pretends to get the "stuff" from between her crotch. Funny!!

Moby: Earwax icecream!! Yummy!!!