Monday, March 20, 2006

A Post Long Due..

Yes, yes, I’m guilty for not updating my blog for so long. I apologize for the long silence; it’s just that work has been crazy the past few weeks. The suckers even have me on call on weekends!! It hasn’t slowed down but then work will always be there. Anyway, this post I dedicate to Syikin who pestered me to update my blog anyhow. Hehe..

So much has happened since I last updated. My parents’ new house in Shah Alam is finally done and now my mom has gone into crazy packing mode. I’m afraid of going to her house, in case I’ll be sucked into vortex of boxes and bubble wrap. I dropped off some boxes at her house at a time when I specifically knew she wouldn’t be in. Bad daughter!! I really should go help her pack but then what use are my three brothers, then?!! Huh? Bros…pack your crap and then help ibu pack hers!!!

I’m excited to see the finished house. Since I only get to see it on weekends, everytime I go something new has been added. On weekdays, my mom calls me to give updates. Everyday, its one dilemma after another. First there was problem with the lighting and then the ceiling caved in after a heavy rainfall. Then everybody wanted different colors for their own bedroom. More contractor problems then the alarms didn’t work. The renovation project was supposed to be done end of 2005, which of course didn’t happen. The end date was pushed to end of January 2006, which was again pushed to before Chinese New Year. Then after a BIG row between my mom and the contractor, things finally picked up this last week. Now what’s left is to clean up and move all the stuff from the old house to the new house. Considering how much crap, err stuff, my mom has, I anticipate that may take another month or so.

What else has happened? Oya, we got some new people joining the department. One of them used to be a newscaster from NTV7. All these changes have me thinking about our new department structure and what it may mean for me workwise. There’s still no news on any upgrading exercises, which sucks coz I’m supposed to be up for one this year. I’m gonna lay low until we’ve finalize on the new structure and direction for the department then think hard about my next move. If things look ok, then I might just stay in my comfort zone. I’ve come this far, I can survive another 4 years. If things suck to high heavens, then I guess I either change departments or start looking for another job.

Well, everyone knows about the hike in oil prices. For me it means my dream of owning an MPV is getting further and further into the distance. It also means we, as a family, really have to start changing our lifestyle. I can’t do much when it comes to food; I can’t bear not going without chocolate for more than a week and the kids absolutely have to drink Vitagen once a day. So cutting down on food is not an option. However, we have started cutting down on other stuff. Like shower foam. Use soap. It’s cheaper and they last longer. Same goes for shampoo. Do I really need a separate shampoo and conditioner? I’ve started using Rejoice again, it’s cheaper and it works. We’ve started using store branded items instead of the regular branded ones. Hey, all those cents add up, right?

Oo, Lost is on. I’ll write more later.


Joe said...

beli lah kereta kecik heheh..

Along said...

Joe: Ko nak belikan ke? Small car, big car..still money beb.

Syikin said...

along: padanlah saya tersedak2..rupanya dengan segala hormatnya along taip nama saya directly..:D, malu lak.

wah, seronoklah mak along pindah rmh baru setelah lama menanti rmh tu siap

ALong..ada rezeki, insyaAllah, MPV tu dalam milikan along nanti..doa banyak2 jerlah :D