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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

I've been away for too long. Sorry, just been really busy. Plus the fact nowadays I've been feeling really, really...pregnant. I'm currently at 28 weeks but already people are asking me when I'm off for my maternity leave. I'm that huge!! Or rather my tummy is, which is made more prominent due to the fact the rest of my body has basically stayed the same size.

I can't write for long but just to give an update of what's been happening, here's a rundown of....what's been happening (I promise to elaborate in upcoming posts).

1. Dania lost her two front teeth. Actually only one was loose, but when she went to get that pulled out (so brave!!), the other came loose too. So the doctor pulled out the 2nd one for 1/2 price. Heeee..

2. We finally installed the cabinets in the bedrooms (taken from our old house) so no more living in boxes!!

3. Hubby finally hung some of the pictures and mirrors we had lying around the house. As my bibik would comment, "now the house looks like a home."

4. I had a gals day out with my gfs. We went to see Puteri Gunung Ledang - The Musical. I was poofed at the end of the day but it was sooooo worth it.

5. We're moving office, so I'm going through that tedious process of packing again. Arghh...good news, I'll be in the same building as hubby so I don't have to drive anymore. Bad news, I have to wake up extra early as the new office is further and you need to come early to find a parking space (if not, be prepared to pay RM7 to park outside!!).

I'm sure a lot more things happened but my back is acting up again so I can't think of anything else.


raggedyanne said...

of coz la we miss you. great to know that everything's working fine for you. but bummer abt the waking up extra early part. yeaargh... i don't envy you

fizi said...

menara eh? everytime i go (rarely do), the place esp. the parking looks more crowded then b4. can lunch together2 now, eh :)

theotheraj said...

fuyohh... moving to menara pocong.. in a few months time, we can go back to our lunch dates in KL haha