Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie Reviews - Kungfu Panda

Last weekend Dania had her Yamaha music exam. Despite a lot of last minute practises, she did alright and only fumbled on the notes a few time. I have some videos of her playing the piano and singing her song, which I'll upload in another post.

As a treat, we were supposed to take the kids to see Kungfu Panda afterwards. I had already booked us some tickets over at Sunway Pyramid but SOMEONE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS decided to take a chance and go to I-U to see of tickets were available there. Sufficient to say, we wasted time and fuel, not to mentioned had to console 2 very disappointed girls, all because SOMEONE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS, decided not to listen to his always-right wife.


Anyway, luckily for the girls, I had already planned to take leave the following Monday. Due to a last minute change of plans, I found myself free without much to do at home. So I decided to take the girls to watch Kungfu Panda without that certain SOMEONE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS.

We took in the noon show, so that Dania didn't have to miss any school. It was kind of nice, there were only 10 people in the theatre so the girls could enjoy the screen, without having anyone or anything block their view.

What can I say about the movie? Hilarious!! Super duper comedy, both for kids and adults. I loved the animation, especially the kungfu acts. And kudos to the Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman for really getting into character. Loved them!! Dania loved the Tigress while Dina was smitten by Po. I personally loved the turtle..hehehe...

Dania and Dina laughed all throughout the movie, especially the scene where Po was rehearsing kungfu with Master Sifu. Hehehehe...loved it, loved it, loved it!!

So please, go see this movie if you haven't. It's well worth the money. You might even be tempted to pay twice to see it again.

Verdict: 2 thumbs up!! Hurra for cuddly pandas!!


Anonymous said...

memang kelakar maut!!!
aku ingat nak tengok lagik....
sakit perut gelak!!!
aku tengok kat alamanda....pakai student card lagi...hehehehhe...

Anonymous said...

tu la, memang best siot. except for the crappy gsc ioi halls, everything was great.. bila kau nak bawak aku makan2 ni? haha

tash said...

hahahaha indeed. love it,i watched both english n cantonese ones at cinema hehehe can't get enough though

Idham Idris said...

hi along,

thanks for the recommendation! diana, myself and both of our kids caught the 630pm show at the Mines. They loved it!

More kid friendly movie reviews please!