Monday, September 10, 2007

My Friend's Loss

Last week, a good friend of mine lost her husband unexpectedly. Details are still hazy but apparently it could have been a heart attack. He passed away in his sleep, at 3am.

News of his death reached me early that Friday morning courtesy from an sms from an old schoolmate. It shook me to the core; arwah was my age, in fact we were old schoolmates.

My heart bleeds for my friend and her three beautiful daughters. I sent her an sms, expressing my sadness. I wanted to call but didn't feel strong enough. I was scared I would be the one crying my eyes out when it is my friend who needs all the support she can get now.

As I spent the weekend digesting the news, I got to thinking; arwah was considered quite active, playing futsal on a regular basis. Yet his sudden death goes to show that good food and exercise does not ensure a long and healthy life. Maybe arwah had some illness that I don't know about, but through my almost daily YM's with my friend, she never mentioned any health problems.

What about me? I hardly ever exercise nowadays, just the occasional taebo. Hubby? Lagilah!! think maybe we too are walking time bombs.

When I received the news, hubby was not around, off with his friends on his guy-bonding trip to Tawau. It pained me to think, just 4 days away from hubby and I was already feeling so lonely. I can't begin to imagine how my friend must be feeling right now.

Z, if you're reading this, please no I am praying for you and the kids. Please, please call me if you need anything. Be strong.


lieawulf said...

innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji'un...