Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And My Yahoo Messenger Status Says.."Going Mad!"

Reason Why I am Pissed Off

1. It’s 4.30pm and I haven’t had lunch.

2. I sent out hundreds of application forms to schools to join the workshop I’m organizing next week, to which only six..yes, six!! have replied to. The rest, when contacted, gave the usual bullshit reply of “Oh, are you sure you faxed it to the right number? We haven’t received anything.”

3. I have an ulcer or ulcers on the bottom of my tongue. How on earth is that even possible?!! You get ulcers on your lip, on the roof of your mouth or on the sides. How do you explain getting ulcers under your tongue?!! It’s insane!! It defies logic!! And it FREAKING HURTS!!!

4. Looking at my schedule of events and work load, the soonest I can take a much needed leave is end of September. By then, I would have exploded and disintegrated into a million pieces.

5. My email has fucked itself up and no longer wishes to send or receive emails.

6. Dania has decided that joking with her is no longer seen as a loving and warm gesture between parent and child but rather an attempt to make her life a MISRABLE HELL as much as possible thus the reason for her to scream and cry crocodile tears whenever one of her parent would suggest going to the park with her sister, but not her.

7. Dina is no longer amused by Bob the Builder or Jojo’s Circus thus finding a cartoon that would hold her attention for those 5 minutes I need to go to the toilet has proven challenging.

8. I woke up this morning at 9am to the sound of my handphone shrilling its head off and a message from my PR blinking away, “Where are you? Please be reminded of our meeting with GM at 9am today.”

Reason Why I am Happy

1. The haze has subsided and I no longer feel like jumping off a cliff.

2. Putting Dina to sleep is a night time ritual that I look forward to as it gives me one-on-one time with her without her messy sister butting in. Plus what parent doesn’t look forward to serious discussions on artificial insemination and global heating issues with their child?

3. Dania knows her ABC’s and her 123’s and she’s only 3!! Wonderful, we have a Mensa member in the making. Next up, I’m teaching her how to drive and buy groceries. The girls have to earn their keep somehow.

4. I have a wonderful family that accepts me for all my faults and weird antics. I could give up bathing and lay on the couch drooling all day and hubby would still say I’m adorable and the girls would still insists on snuggling up to me.


Joe said...

ulcers under the tounge? too much sucking..

tash said...

ulcer under tongue? i hav one too..try drinking 100 plus..i find it helpful.. :)
take care!

twinsmom said...

Hope you got better already :).

Anonymous said...

i can't help myself from asking u this.... is ur daddy Dato' Dr Idris???

Along said...

Sorry guys...sooo bz, no spare time to write a new post. Just here to answer comments.

Joe: You suck. I swallow. Hahahahah..(evil laugh).

Tash: I hate 100 Plus. It tastes like sweat. I just drank a lot of milk, it helped a bit. But still took me 2 weeks to get rid of the ulcers.

Twinsmom: Yeah, feeling much better now. Just very busy. Thanks for the kind wishes.

Anonymous: Errr..who are you and why do you want to know?

Joe said...

swallow? booyah..

along bt dato idris jusoh.. MB terengganu

noresh said...

oi long... when are you going to stop "Going Mad!"??