Friday, July 30, 2010

Jika Anak...

jika anak kita hidup dalam kesabaran
dia belajar menjadi penyabar

jika anak kita hidup dalam penerimaan
dia akan belajar menyayangi

jika anak kita hidup dalam pujian
dia akan belajar menghargai

jika anak kita hidup dalam galakan
dia belajar menjadi yakin

jika anak kita hidup dalam kritikan
dia belajar menyalahkan orang lain

jika anak kita hidup dalam kekasaran
dia akan belajar melawan

jika anak kita hidup dalam ketakutan
dia belajar menjadi pengecut

jika anak kita hidup dalam iri hati
dia belajar merasa bersalah

jika anak kita hidup dalam persetujuan
dia belajar menyayangi diri nya

jika anak kita hidup dalam pengiktirafan
dia belajar bahawa ada baiknya mempunyai matlamat

jika anak kita hidup dalam kejujuran
dia belajar tentang kebenaran

jika anak kita hidup dalam keadilan
dia belajar menjadi adil

jika anak kita hidup dalam keselamatan
dia yakin pada diri dan orang lain

jika anak kita hidup dalam kemesraan
dia belajar bahawa dunia ini adalah tempat yang membahagiakan

tanyalah pada diri..adakah kita menyediakan persekitaran yang memberangsangkan untuk anak-anak kita hidup cemerlang..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something To Get To Know You Better By

Since I'm poofed from my class assignments and won't have much time to write a proper post, let's do a bit of a psychological profiling exercise. Here's where I get my 3 readers to tell me more about themselves and I hope in the process, learn something about themselves as well.

OK, answer the following questions truthfully.

1) Think about your favorite colour and write down three adjectives describing that color.

2)Think about your favorite animal and write down three words describing that animal.

3) Now, think about an all white room. The walls are white, the floor is white, there is no sound in the room, no windows, everything is white. Now list three words to describe how that room makes you feel.

4) Lastly, think about a body of water. Any body of water whether it's an ocean, river, stream whatever. List three words describing that body of water.

Understand the questions? OK, now give me your answers in the comments. I'll let you know what they mean in my next post. Also, if I feel like sharing, I'll give you my answers too. Heee.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tazkirah Hari Selesa - Solat Atau Sembahyang?

I recieved this email from a colleague, very eye opening. Hope we can all learn something from this.



Hampir kebanyakan umat Islam hari ini tidak terlepas daripada menggunakan istilah "Sembahyang" yang merujuk kepada "Solat." Tetapi pada hakikatnya, istilah "Sembahyang" mempunyai maksud atau pengertian yang terdapat unsur "Syirik."

Professor Hasbi As Siddiqi di dalam salah satu bukunya, membahas perkataan "Sembahyang." Katanya; "Sembahyang di ambil daripada perkataan "Sembah" dan "Hyang" yang merujuk kepada nama dewa - dewa yang disembah oleh penganut Agama Hindu dahulu kala.

"Sembahyang" juga diertikan sebagai "menyembah berhala yang bernama Hyang." Dua pakar Bahasa Indonesia, yang salah seorangnya pernah datang ke Malaysia, mengajar di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), iaitu Dr Daniel juga telah mengesahkan bahawa istilah "Sembahyang" merujuk kepada "menyembah dewa yang bernama Hyang."

Orang Buddha pergi ke Tokong, Orang Hindu pergi ke Kuil dan Orang Kristian pergi ke Gereja menggunakan istilah "Sembahyang, " terserahlah kepada mereka, kerana memang terdapat unsur "Syirik" dalam ibadah mereka. Tetapi Umat Islam, tidak sesuai sekiranya, "Solat" juga diistilahkan sebagai "Sembahyang" , yang mana pada asalnya kata sembahyang itu merujuk kepada "menyembah dewa bernama Hyang."

Kalau boleh ubahlah ayat seperti seorang ibu atau bapa mengarahkan anaknya bangun untuk menunaikan Solat Subuh. "nak, bangun!. pergi "Sembahyang Subuh," kepada "nak, bangun!. Pergi "Solat Subuh." Solat lebih tepat istilahnya

Mungkin sebahagian daripada kita, akan menganggap bahawa hal ini hanyalah hal yang remeh dan tidak begitu penting. Tetapi bagi mereka yang mempunyai kesedaran Agama dan memetingkan kualiti ibadah, akan sentiasa berhati-hati dan mengambil perhatian akan hal seperti ini.

Semoga Allah merahmati usaha kita. Amin!.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maybe She Was in Another Time Zone?

We were suppose to take the girls to see Despicable Me yesterday but couldn’t because bibik came back late from her outing. And when I say late, I mean coming in at 7pm when she said she would come back at 3pm.

The girls were disappointed but not as livid as hubby. He had already started scanning for nearby nurseries to send the kids to while we were at work. A little extreme, I know but I can understand being pissed about having your plans go to shit because someone didn’t want to get a little rain on them coming back.
Bukan jalan kaki pun laaaaa…sah2 naik cab rerami ngan kawan dia!!

I don’t normally complain about bibik because she does do exceptional work around the house and with the kids, thus the reason we allow her to go out during the weekends. But I do except a certain degree of respect; if you’re going to be late, call me!! I can come and pick you up at the mall if it’s raining cats and dogs (it was only drizzling yesterday, hardly cause for an umbrella..ella…ella…even.)

Bibik knows I’m pissed at her coz I haven’t spoken to her since she slinked back in yesterday. Unlike hubby, who is the bebel type, I’ll rather save my breath and ignore you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Every Thursday

Because I don’t see him much on Mondays – Wednesdays (sometimes, he’s already asleep by the time I get back from class), I’m going to make Thursday our date day for lunch.

Ingat yer, En Rashid. Hari Khamis hari bersama isteri. Lunch time.

Nak bawak sampai ke malam pun, no hal. Muahahahahaha…

Note: Gambar getik tu sekadar hiasan. Takde keje aku nak makan ngan En rashid camtu gaya...buang tebiat apo!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Me Thinks The Cats Aren't Big Enough

Last weekend was spent at home, studying most of the time. Pergh..semangat waja zaman student sudah mai!! However, it didn’t take me long to realize that a) my brain is not as “young” as would like it to be, therefore understanding a simple paragraph requires 2-3 readings b) the paragraphs are not that simple to understand in the first place. Why la do you have to use all those bombastic words when simple English is sufficient to convey the message across?

I tried doing the assignments for ME but only succeeded in answering one (out of 4). I seriously think one of the answers at the back of the book is WRONG!! Huh, nevermind, the prof said we would discuss the assignments next week so I’ll just give them another try this weekend.

Other than that, the weekend was rather lowkey, which was nice for a change. En Rashid kept himself busy sending all the cars for various repairs. Here’s hoping none of the cars give anymore problems in the near future; we’re still paying off our HK trip!!

Oya, you might be wondering, what the heck does this post have to do with the title? Here’s what.


Hahahaha…hope you didn’t have to scratch your eyes out after that! Happy Tuesday everyone.

*image taken from here

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Week Down..14 More To Go

OK, so I’m done with my 1st week of school. As I mentioned, my first day was…interesting. 2nd day was much better; I had Organizational Behavior or OB as the students call it. The lecturer was very friendly and talkative and she made the 3 hours fly by. We had a funny ice breaking session where we had to draw our own faces on a piece of paper, which was then collected by the lecturer. She then gave us each one paper and told us to find the person whose face was on the paper. Some people had drawn their faces like a cartoon; round face with 3 dots for eyes and nose and a big smile. Hahahha, how la you’re suppose to recognize someone from that kind of drawing?!

For my 3rd day (yesterday), I arrived late eventhough the class started at 7pm instead of 630pm. It was raining heavily on the highway which of course caused massive jams. The class was a subject that filled me with a sense of despair; Accounting. Urghhh, I was never good at accounting in school. I could never balance any of my ledgers. The lecturer was ok, but he tends to mumble a bit. Also, he wrote in short form ALL THE TIME, which annoyed me to no end because SCF? ABC? FRS? What the heck?!! Fortunately my coursemate, who I also roped in as one of my teammates, knew a little bit of accounting and explained the term words to me. Argghh, I foresee a LOT of reading for me in that subject.

All in all, it has been an eye opening experience. I’ve already made some new friends and hopefully we’ll be able to support each other in tackling the subjects.

I miss my babies though. It’s hard coming back after a long day and seeing them already asleep. I miss hearing them tell me what they did in school. I miss having dinner with them. I miss sitting down with them to do their homework. I miss tucking them in at night.

I know it’s only for 3 days a week and at least I have weekends free to spend every waking minute with them. Here’s hoping the next two years go smoothly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Read it for yourself.

Monday, July 12, 2010

1st Day of School

Today was my 1st day back in school. Let's say it was...interesting, for lack of a better word. Since I had arrived at work at 830am on the dot (yeah me!), I had no guilt leaving the office at 530pm. Actually I left at 545pm since I decided to pray Asar first. Fortunately traffic was light, except the usual place on the Federal Highway. I arrived at Uni at exactly 630pm.

I had wrote neatly in my brand new notebook, Managerial Economics in classroom BK1. I made my way to the classroom and took a seat upfront. 5 minutes later, I found out that I was in the wrong classroom. Apparently they had switch rooms with another class. Great!! Now where was I supposed to go?!

One of the students told me to check the notice board in the hall. Doh!! As I scan the notice board (it was full of announcements), I found out that my class had been moved to BK2. OK, not so bad, just next door.

As I entered, there were already a few students there. All of them had their textbooks. Hmmm, something tells me I'm missing something. I sat down (upfront) and asked the lady beside me where she got the textbooks from. She told me to go to the office to pick up the textbook slip and then pass it to the guys out in the hall who had the textbooks.

So I made my way up to the office. Turns out I had to bring 2 copies of my registration slip, something that was not communicated to me orally but was announced in the student portal and on the bloody notice board downstairs. Since I didn't have my registration slip, I couldn't get my textbook slip and that meant no textbooks for me today. Grrrrr....

So I made my way back to the classroom. The professor was already there, giving his welcoming speech. I gave him my most charming smile and went to my seat. Somewhere in his speech, the professor mentioned the textbooks. "I hope you all have gotten your textbooks today."

Why, o why, did I have to raise my hand and admit I hadn't? The professor told me to quickly get them outside. When I explained I had forgotten my registration slip, he set his mouth into a thin line....and continued with his speech.

Hole, you may swallow me now!!

We had a quick break at 730pm for Maghrib and dinner. And when I say quick, it was like a 20 minute break. It took me 10 minutes to locate the surau and another 10 to complete my prayers. Which left m 20 seconds to grab my dinner and bring it into class. And proceed to stare at it throughout the rest of the class as my stomach rumbled hungrily. Sigh.

The lecture finished early as it was only an introduction lecture. The professor then called us to copy his slides from his laptop and he would be using them for the other lectures. Doh!! I left my thumbdrive at the office. Fortunately one of my coursemate told me she would email me the slides. Lifesaver!!

Note to self:
1) Check the Student Portal every week for announcements.
2) Bring a thumbdrive to class. Better yet, I wonder if En Rashid will buy me a netbook now that I'm a sexy college student. Hehehe.
3) Bring some drinks and biscuits to class, in case I can't squeeze in dinner during the break.

Spain Wins The World Cup!!

So it's official, Spain has won the World Cup trophy with a wonderful goal by Andres Iniesta who scored with four minutes of extra time remaining to beat the Netherlands 1-0.

Despite my best efforts, I could not wake up this morning to catch the match live but I heard the results first thing in the morning (baru nak sms ko tanya, Joe..hehe) so I was celebrating all the way to the office. Hehehe.

Congratulations to Spain and all their fans (moi included!). Here's to the next World Cup in Brazil in 2014 (En Rashid...meh kumpul duit, mau pi!!).

*Image taken from here.

Friday, July 09, 2010

España gana

I know, I know..this entry is a bit late coming but I've been busy, what with going back to school and the girls and stuff with the cars.

Anyhow....SPAIN WON!!!

Germany lost!! Hah!!

I only saw part of the game, thanks to Daria who woke me up for a mid-night snack. I got to see the goal (beautiful header by Carles Puyol) and celebrate by myself downstairs while everyone else was asleep.

Paul the Octopus has spoken!
I'm hoping I can stay up to watch the finals. Again, rooting for SPAIN!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Waka, waka...It's Time For Africa

I had been following the WC only recently because eventhough Spain is still in the game, my favourite player, Raul Gonzalez, is not playing. And also because Japan is out. And South Korea. And....sigh...ok, I admit, England (that one is for you, Angah).

However, last weekend I kind of got into the action. I caught most of the game between Germany and Argentina and LOL...sorry Argentina fans but your team sucked!! Seriously!! It looked like Germany was playing against school children. And Messi...well, I must say Messi played to his best ability but it's hard to score any goals if you're tired and every defender on your back and your teammates just hang back and expect you to shoot a goal everytime you get the ball. I mean come on people, he's good...but not THAT good. And football is a game of teamwork....sian Messi, asyik la kena rembat gol sorang2.

I was feeling pretty bad for Maradona especially when Germany shot that last minute 4th goal; he looked like he was going to break down and cry.

Anyway, of the 4 teams remaining, my ringgit is on Germany. My 2nd choice would be this upcoming semi final between Germany and Spain should be interesting.

Whatever it is...they should stop playing the WC theme song on the radio!! I'm getting so sick of it already...especially since the girls sing it 24/7 too!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Ni Bukan Entri Kes Perasan

Cite ni berlaku time aku tengah pi dafter kelas pagi tadi. As usual, aku ni slow sket. Rupanya medical check up forms kena pi hantar ke Unit Kesihatan Pelajar. Yang aku ni, pi angkut sekali time nak pi daftar kelas. Sib baik la ada sorang amoi tu bagitau aku. Terima kasih ye amoi...kurang nasib baik untuk aku sebab kita tak ambik sama course, kalau tak, mesti aku bleh tiru assignment ko. Hehehe..

So lepas dah hantar borang medical semua, aku patah balik pi tempat mendaftar. Masa tengah serahkan forms yang berkenaan, minah yang jaga kaunter tu tanya aku "Dah konvo?"

Aku mula la penyakit blur tu mai. Soh minah tu ulang balik soklan.

"Dah konvo ke?"

"Errr..konvo....untuk apa?"

"Konvo degree."

Sambil tersenyum, aku pun jawab dengan yakin, "Oooo, dah 10 tahun dah konvo degree. Heheheh, ni dah tua dah baru nak ambik MBA."

" ke? Nampak muda..ingatkan baru habis degree."

Fewwwiiitttt!!! Statement yang menaikkan semangat aku sepanjang hari. Terima kasih ye adik Uni yang menyangka akak ni muda lagi. Memang muda pun....muda jiwa dan hati!!

Lalalalalalalaaalalalaaalala...*nyanyi sambil skipping sorang2 dalam rumah*

Status Update

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

I am a daughter.

I am a sister.

I am an employee.

I am an employer.

And as of this morning....

I am also a student.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


The aircon in our office has been on the brink for 2 days. Fortunately yesterday I was out for a workshop but I was unprepared for the heat and stuffiness that hit me as I walked through the door this morning.


Tomorrow I'm heading to our Cyberjaya office to escape the heat. Unacceptable...if only I can berkemban to work..muahahahhaa...that would be a first!