Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Resolution as a Parent

2009 is coming to an end soon. A new year is coming...time to make (and break) those new year's resolutions. Here are some I'm making as a parent.

1) Spend more time with the children.
The girls are growing up at warp speed. Dania will be in standard 2 next year, Dina will be attending her last year at Pre-school. Daria will turn One...she's already starting to take her 1st steps!! It's moment, they're small, helpless lumps in my arms, depended on my breasts for survival, the next minute, they're running around the house, yelling and screaming, eating everything in the fridge with an appetite of 10 men. I'm still freaking out over the fact I'm a mom...and my kids are already getting ready to leave the house.
I hope work will be more tolerant in 2010...and I can get back home in time to play badminton with the girls or go for a 10 minute walk around the block before dinnertime. Fingers crossed.

2) Stop being kiasu (overly competitive).
I don't think hubby or I have much problem in this area. We've always been pushing the girls to do their best without being overdoing it. When Dania wanted to quit piano lessons, we let her because she really didn't have the drive for it anymore. Plus it also meant more money for us to use for other stuff for the girls.

3) Take time to better communicate with the children, collectively and individually.
I need to work on this more when I'm with the kids. I'm pretty good with Daria but with Dania and Dina, I tend to tune out sometimes. My mind would wonder about work or something I'm seeing on the TV. It's bad enough I only get to spend a few hours with them during the weekdays; I should make those hours count. Also, I should learn to communicate my frustrations better. Hubby should do the same. The girls are getting bigger and just telling them 'No" doesn't cut it sometimes.

4) Stop comparing your children to other people's children.
I remember my mom would sometimes do this and I hated it. I know she meant well, and it was her way of motivating me but still....I hope I don't do this to my girls. I love them just the way they are.

5) Encourage the children in what they are passionate about even if you think it's a waste of time.
The girls love drawing and doing creative stuff. Maybe I should find more creative outlets for them.

6) Stop beating yourself up if you make a mistake as a parent.
I do this on a daily basis. I think moms have it harder than dads, somehow we have this perverted POV that we need to be superwoman all the time.

7) Make time for your spouse.
Despite knowing how ultra important this is, hubby and i definately have to work more on ourselves next year. Too many cold wars fought. Ever since Daria was born, we haven't had a night just for the 3 of us. Maybe when Daria has weaned off, we'll go for another honeymoon.

8) Stop farming out parenting to the maid and / or babysitter.
I am sooo guilty of doing this, especially during the weekends. I like to ship the kids downstairs to watch Tv and then get back in bed for more sleep. Bad mother? Maybe not in the scheme of things but still, it's time I could be spending more with the girls.

9) Get healthy.
Hubby, are you listening? Ok, so maybe I need to exercise more too. Now's a great time to buy that Wii I've been saving for. Anyone who has one...where did you buy yours and how much did it cost?

10) Have fun.
Disneyland, here we come. I'm hoping all our planning and saving up will be worth it. That the girls will have a great time and have enough happy memories to last them a lifetime.

**Resolution ideas taken from ParenThots.


jayen said...

great post along, thanks for the ideas and inspiration :)

Mommy Lyna said...

Yeah me too. Trying to get some bad habits of.

dillazag said...

aku pong, along.. *hangs head in shame*
i just wanna do apa yang terdaya. kekadang rasa nak gila melayan hal anak-anak ni. hihihihihi..
i like disneyland though. boleh ikut? hihihihihi

Aunt Juicebox said...

I hope you all have more time to spend together this year. Those girls will be grown in a minute. And oh, I want to go to Disneyland too!

Hamdi said...

always a pleasure reading ur ramblings... lama tak jumpa... need to get more parenting tips from you all more experienced parents la... :)
take care!

nadya.s said...

all the best along. u can do it!

btw, nad dah update few more gambar mop-the-cat dalam my blog, this time, make sure the girls not around.. :)hehehehe!!

z-zah said...

k. along, kalau dpt harga wii bagitau ye...