Friday, November 27, 2009

A Week Off

At my in laws for Raya Haji. The weather is mighty hot today. I have a headache due to lack of sleep. Poor Daria still has her cough, plus her nose is now blocked up. I can imagine the discomfort she's in. Her medication doesn't seem to be working. I think we'll need to take her back to the clinic for a follow up check up, maybe take some gas to relieve her stuffiness.

I was on leave the whole of this week, eventhough my boss did sms me to ask whether I could cut it short. Our tender evaluation and presentation has finally gotten the result and eventhough the vendor selected was not what we suggested, I just could not bring myself to care anymore. What else is new, heh? Let the work commence when I get back next week. It's gonna be nose to the grind until we launch next year. Even now there's email flying around saying that all leave applications have been frozen..yeah, right!! You want your staff to work non-stop?! Come on, give us the benefit of the doubt to arrange our leave so it won't interfere with work. Surely not everyone is going on leave on the same time.

The kids had fun at the hotel with my parents. Poor Daria couldn't swim in the pool due to her cough so had to be content to watch from the side. She was an angel most of the time, only crying when it was time to take her medicine and when she was tired.

Great, it's started raining. I guess the heat was a sign that it was going to rain this afternoon. God, I hope it rains long. I'm ready to strip naked and lounge around nude if the heat doesn't stop soon. Argghh, I think it's best I go take a bath instead. Latersss...