Monday, October 12, 2009

Nemo and Dory

Yesterday my mom came over. Since I had to work that day, I didn't meet her until I got home at 3pm. Hubby was out with the girls. Guess what they were doing?

Buying fish!!

Not the type you eat...the type you put in a bowl and watch swim.

Yep, hubby finally relented and bought the girls their very own goldfishes. One for each of them, except for Daria since she can't feed them on her own. Hehe.

The GREAT thing is hubby bought the fish and fish food....only!! Where the heck were the girls suppose to put the fish?!!

So in the end, my mom and I took the girls back to the fish shop to buy an aquarium. In the end, we also bought two more fishes (goumari), some colorful stones and some chlorine for the water.

Pandai cik abang, dia beli ikan sekor RM3, mak mertua dia kluaq duit beli benda lain sampai RM50. Hampeh tul!!

The girls were super excited about the fish. Bibik, not so much since she knew she would be the one cleaning out the tank everytime. Sabar je la bibik..layan je.

This morning when we woke up, one of the goldfishes had died. Terapung je badan dia. Dania cried a little bit which makes me anxious because if memory serves me right (I used to have goldfishes during my Uni years), there's always a very high potential the rest of the fishes are going to die soon. Hmmm....

ps: Nemo and Dory are the names of the goldfishes...I think Nemo is the one that died. Innalilah...


ila de cute said...

Innalillah... comel nya dania n dina... pandai la rashid, ke dia dah tau umur ikan tu tak panjang tu yg dia tak nak beli aquarium..

Aunt Juicebox said...

Chlorine? You are supposed to remove the chlorine from the water for fishes. And you need a filter. I couldn't tell by the picture of the aquarium if you have one or not. And a heater is good for tropicals, although you shouldn't mix them with goldfish because goldfish are uber dirty.