Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Parents' New House

I won’t be posting any entries next week coz hubby and I are off to Bali for our honeymoon. Hahahaha…4 days of sex, sun and sand. The kids and Nisa are being exported to my mom’s house. A part of me can’t wait for this trip but being away from the kids always makes me feel sad.

I haven’t posted for so long because work has been horrendous. Another reason for this trip. Sometimes I feel like I’m on my way to a nervous breakdown. Sometimes I just spend several minutes starring at my computer screen, willing it to blow up so I can give a valid excuse to go home early.

I promised a post about my parents’ new house. Believe it or not, work is still being done. My mom has lost all patience, when people ask her when the moving day is, she turns green and starts breathing heavily. Smoke starts coming out her ears, and her eyes start rolling back into their sockets. It’s a brilliant performance!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the house.

Here’s the dining hall. Now it’s full of boxes, but just imagine the dining table there with a huge mirror on the wall

The dining hall opens up to the gazebo. A wonderful place to spend the entire day (which I have done) coz it’s windy and even at night, it’s well lit, thanks to the nearby toll house.
Here’s the dry and wet kitchen. The cabinets are nearly done. It’s big but unfortunately not big enough to put in an island, which I wanted.
Here’s the guest room. Here’s where my family will be sleeping when we come to visit. No more sleeping in the hall!!
Here’s the TV room upstairs. See that green sofa? I bought that for mom. Don’t tell me it’s hideous, I didn’t choose the color.
This is my 1st brother’s room. He hates his bed. He wanted a day bed but mom said no. He wanted blue curtains but mom bought maroon ones. Hahahaha…he should learn to buy his own stuff.
This is my 2nd brother’s room. It’s pink but he won’t admit it. He says the color is SALMON. Whatever!!!
This is my 3rd brother’s room. It’s apple green, Dania’s favorite color. In fact, she has declared this room as hers.
This is the master bedroom, my parents’ lair. It’s humongous, so mom had a walk-in wardrobe built-in.
One of the many chandeliers in the house. Last time I counted there were 5.
This is the view from the front door. The porch can fit 4 cars easily, especially if they’re Kancils.
This is the side of the house. The lawn gives the kids plenty of room to run around and roll over like rabid dogs. Did I just compare my kids to rabid dogs? Scratch that… more like monkeys on crack.
Oh, and this is the indoor fish pond. Dad bought 10 koi fishes and they've all died. Poor dad.

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow I need to tie up a few loose ends at work, then its fun in the sun at Bali for the rest of the week. Hahahaha…don’t hate me if you have to work. I’ll be back at “prison” before you know it.


Mumsgather said...

Hey there woman! Enjoy yourself in Bali! Lovely house and lovely colours and I think you brother is right. Its salmon. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

wow..really nice house..which part of bukit jelutong long??

Kaklong Syikin said...

cantiknya rumah...laman besar, siap ada pond lagitu.rezeki namanya.

along 4 beradik ya?

have a nice honeymoon!!!harap2 ada baby made in Bali..:)

Cherry said...

ehh yr mom pindah BJ ? which part of BJ, if so singgah le rumah, my hse dekat padang bola besaarrrr tu

Anonymous said...

Waaa... my mum would definitely love the indoor pond. so very nice la.. :)