Thursday, April 27, 2006

Deep Questions...

I was watching House the other day. I love this series because Dr. House is hot in a weird kind of way and the cases they solve usually makes me think about deep subjects.

Take for instance this weeks’ case. A married couple, wife is very sick. Mood swings, severe tiredness, etc, etc. House and the gang finally figure out that the wife could be suffering from this African something disease. Treatment for this disease will cure her immediately but it could also kill her, if the doctors diagnosed her wrongly. Thing is, wife has never been to Africa. So the only way she could have gotten the disease (if she has it) is by catching it from someone else, either through blood transfusion or sex. Wife has never received any blood transfusion. Hubby has never been to Africa either. Conclusion? DING DING DING!! Wife was having an affair and caught the disease from her lover.

Now the questions are:
Would you, as the spouse, allow your wife/hubby to receive this treatment, being fully aware of the consequences? If the treatment works, it means your spouse has been cheating on you. If the treatment doesn’t work, it means your spouse has been faithful and could now possibly die.
Let’s say the treatment works. Ok, so your spouse DID cheat on you. Do you
Be thankful for getting a second chance together and try to work things out?
See this as the ultimate betrayal and leave your spouse?

I want to see some answers in the comments. Come on, my 2 loyal readers, give me some insights.

I guess it wouldn’t be fair for me to ask these questions and not give my replies as well. For question 1, yes, I would allow my spouse to receive treatment, if the doctors have tried everything else and are 99.99% sure that the disease is that African thingy. I say yes not because I believe hubby would ever cheat on me but because if I just sit there and do nothing, there’s a possibility he’ll die anyway. I would rather let him go, knowing that I did everything possible within my power to make him better, than to nurse the feeling that he is a saint and would never do me wrong.

As for question 2, well, that’s a tricky one. I guess it’s easy to make decisions when you’re not being forced into the situation. I would have to say, as much as I would be relieved that hubby is alive, adultery is just one sin I could never forgive and forget. Especially in the case in House, where the wife cheated with the hubby’s best friend. Man, that would totally suck. So yeah, I would choose (b) and leave hubby.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Disney on Ice - The Review (with lots of pictures!!)

Sorry that my posts have been far and between. I only have time to blog at home and even then, I have to wait until the kids are asleep. If not, they would want to join me in blogging too. Hehehe..

Several posts are due, so I guess I’ll just combine them all in this one. Last, last Monday (the Monday before the last Monday..does that make sense?), I took Dania to see Disney on Ice. We went with my mom, my brother and his girlfriend. The show started around 8.30pm and ended two hours later. Dania had a blast. She was so excited to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Then Aladdin and Genie came out. The dance performance was superb, especially when all those genies joined hands and did the can-can. Hahaha.

Nemo and the gang were up next, but Dania got a bit scared when the Shark came out. She hid her face behind the hands and wouldn’t take them down until the Shark had skated out from the rink.

Next we had the couple of Disney; Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Snow White and her Prince Charming, Pocahontas and John and Ariel and what’s-his-name from The Little Mermaid. Everything got lovey-dovey for 10 minutes as the couples did their dance routines and skated beautifully with each other.

The gang from Toy Story skated in and Dania’s face lit up when she saw Woody and Buzz.
The toy soldiers were great too. Then we saw the Disney on Ice version of It’s a Small World. Good god, 2 minutes of that tune and I was already going out of my mind.
Thank god we had a hot hula Hawaiian girl, shaking her stuff right in front of us. Hah!! Dania loved it when Goofy lead the marching parade and even shook her booty to the song while stuffing her face with RM10 popcorn.

Pinocchio and Ghepetto (sp?) were up next. Dania, being not familiar with the characters, starting to ask about Mickey and Donald, until the Whale came out. Again, it kind of spooked her coz the Whale was indeed HUGE!!
It wasn’t until Mulan came onto the rink did she take her hands down from her face.

However, it was The Incredibles that Dania was waiting for. Even the theme song got her going.
Edna totally stole the show, her antics got everyone in stitches. Then were Simba and the rest of the lion tribe. Dania got a little anxious looking at the pig; what’s his name…Timun? Poomba?
I’ve forgotten, but she refused to shake his hands after the show was over.

All in all, I think DOI was a very enjoyable show. The seats we got were great, right up front near the rink so we got a great view. However, I did notice that a few parts of the show were too scary for small children. I think children below 4 were too young to understand and enjoy the show. I saw many parents who had to take their kids out because they wouldn’t stop crying. Thank god, I didn’t bring Dina or I would have become one of them.

You know what? I think I’ll stop here and create different entries for my other stories. Later, take care.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Because The Girls Have to Earn Their Keep Somehow…

Hubby had the girls helping him wash the car last Monday. Nothing like organizing child labor to bring a family closer together.

The kids had a blast, playing with the soap and water.
Dina was mesmerized with the sponge and kept pressing it to make all the soap come out.

Most of the water went all over each other, instead of the car. I had a good mind to stay out of squirting range, with towels in hand.

And We Return To Our Normally Scheduled Program..

Yes everybody. I’m doing ok. Thank you to those who stopped by and gave words of encouragement. I had the operation last Thursday and was warded for just one night. I remember the Wednesday night before, undecided on whether to go to work the next day. I had a meeting scheduled at 10am, so initially I had decided to go in for my 10 o’clock meeting then get hubby to drive me to the hospital. No can do. 6am found me already found me in profound pain that I decided to go directly to the hospital and get the operation over and done with.

It took me forever to get ready, partly because the pain had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk. Finally we all bundled into the car around 9.30am. The kids were still in their pajamas so after dropping me off at the hospital, hubby drove the kids and Nisa to my mom’s house. He asked one of the porters to take me to my Gynecology’s clinic. By that time, I was already ready to cry out from the pain. Oblivious to my predicament, the stupid man wheeled me upstairs. Before I had a chance to tell him “I need to see my doctor, NOW”, he left me in the middle of the hall, with my ticket number. Hell no!! No way am I gonna wait patiently to see the doctor with this kind of pain. Luckily I caught the doctor’s clerk passing by and told her that I needed to see the doc NOW, and she going to have to examine me NOW and admit me into the hospital NOW. Having tears running down my cheeks must have helped my situation coz within 2 minutes I entered the doctor’s office. Luckily hubby also arrived at the time (he borrowed my brother’s motorcycle) so he proceeded to explain to the doctor what I was going through. Within 20 minutes, I was warded and 20 minutes after that they prepped me for the operating theater. 1 ½ hours later I was wheeled back to my room, sleepy but no longer in pain.

The doc saw me the next day and explained the operating procedure. Eventhough they had performed marsupialization, a different procedure than before, she explained to me that chances of having BGA reoccur still existed, though had been significantly reduced. OK, I guess I can live with that. I really pray and hope I never get BGA again. It’s not something I would wish on even my worst enemies.

Stay chill everyone. Happy posts coming up soon.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Need a Hug...or a Major Dosage of Painkillers

I’ve talked abut my illness twice before; here and here. I guess I was kind of vague, partly because I was ashamed with what I had. However, I’ve decided to open up here and tell you more.

I have Bartholin's gland abscess (BGA). I’ve had it three times before, this is my fourth time. I am in pain, tolerable only because of the high dosage of painkillers my doctor prescribed me. The first 2 times I got BGA, I had to go for an operation to drain the fluid out. The third time, I got lucky and the swelling subsided by itself. This time, I’m not so lucky. Most probably tomorrow I’ll have to check in for another operation.

BGA is a women’s thing so you guys out there can relax. Lucky bastards. Don’t have to worry about labor pains; don’t have to worry about your vagina swelling up.

Most women don't even know they have a bartholin's gland, I had never heard of them myself until I googled “vagina infections”. It is a tiny gland inside each of the labia near the opening of the vagina, one gland on each side. They produce fluid that lubricates the vagina. Basically when a woman gets horny, those glands get working. Very important!! There are tiny ducts in the gland and if those get 'clogged' up by skin cells or secretions, it can form a cyst. If the cysts get infected, then they become BGA.

I hate BGA. I hate it with a f**king vengeance. I hate the way it robs me of my ability to function, to walk, sit down, and think. I hate the fact that it makes me scared to go to the toilet. I hate the ever throbbing sensation that starts from my crotch all the way down to the end of my toes. I hate the overwhelming pain.

Why am I talking about my embarrassing illness here? Why publicly on my blog, when I know people who know me will read about it and most probably look at me funny. Because I believe that knowledge is power. I believe women need to know about this. Men too, tell your wives, sisters and girlfriends. Also, this is not a married woman’s illness; I’ve heard that virgins can get BGA too. I wished my doctors had explained to me about BGA before, I would have known what to expect and figured out what to do in order to keep them at bay. If I had known what I know now about BGA, I wouldn’t have felt like a dirty idiot before. I wouldn’t have blamed lack of hygiene or too much sex. I wouldn’t have blamed hubby.

I know now that BGA can’t actively be prevented. According to statistics, about 2% of the female population gets BGA. Of course with my luck, I would be included within that bloody 2%. I read up on other women’s experience with BGA and they scare me. Each and every one talks about the pain over and over again. Trust me, you know how it feels when you get a really bad toothache? Imagine that pain in a very sensitive place and you get the idea.

I’m hoping my opening up would help some person out there who might be going through the same thing. I want you to know that there’s no shame in getting BGA; it’s not your fault. It’s just dumb bad luck.

Pray for me tomorrow.

To know more about Bartholin's gland abscesses, you can google it or click here, here or here for more info.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Everyone..Commence Panic Mode!!

God damn it!! This happens every year. Hubby’s birthday is next Monday and of course, I’m strapped for cash and out of ideas for what to get him. I asked him what he wanted and with a grin, he said a Toyota Wish would be nice. Suuurrrree, let me just check my savings account…wonderful, just enough to make half a months’ payment. Yippeee!!

I only have myself to blame. I’ve spoilt hubby with extravagant presents every birthday and anniversary that he’s begun to expect them. Sure, he doesn’t ask for them, but if I were to not buy him anything for next week, you can bet he’ll feel some kind of disappointment.

Thing is, I love buying hubby presents. I love seeing his face, the way it lights up when he opens up the wrapping and sees what I have for him.

I need ideas. I think gadget-wise, he’s pretty much set. I could take him out for lunch but that’s sounds just so lame. So people!! Put on your thinking caps and give me some ideas on what to get for hubby. Many thanks in advance.


I was on mc today. My illness, the one I thought was in remission, has reared its ugly head again. I went to the doctor and she gave me some pain killers, antibiotics and something for the swelling. There’s not much else I can do but pray that the things just subsides and doesn’t get any worse. I’ll hate to have to go for the operation again.