Friday, December 24, 2004

Shop Till You Drop

Yesterday was a day of many firsts. Had two meetings in KL, so took the opportunity to go on the ERL. Man, was that train fast. Only took me 20 minutes to get to KL Sentral. Driving would have taken me at least an hour. As I marveled at the comfort and spaciousness of the train, I noticed two Indonesian men also on the train. Unlike me, they looked pretty bored.

Tengok! Orang Indon pun tak heran naik ERL ni dah. I’m like the only person in the world that hasn’t been on it!!

But I was on a high. Dah lama tak naik train ni. When I was single, almost every weekend you could find me on the LRT heading to KLCC. I remember when I was young, my grandparents took me and my brother to JB on the KTM train. It was a blast. We would explore the train from one end to the other. The mee goring and sirap bandung sold at the bar tasted heavenly. The 6 hour trip went by so quickly; makes me wonder why I’ve never taken another one since.

Anyhow, after reaching KL Sentral, Kak Ida picked me up and we headed for our first meeting. After an hour of deliberating, we found ourselves with 3 hours to spare before the second meeting. So what’re two ladies armed with credit cards in the middle of town to do with all that time? GO SHOPPINGLAH!!

First choice was Mid Valley, but seeing how our second meeting was near City Square, we decided to head off to Berjaya Times Square. Believe it or not, I’d never been there before so again I was in for a surprise treat.!! Carrie Bradshaw would have been very proud. True to form, I bough two pairs of shoes; one for 70% off, another for 50%. Can you imagine how much I saved by buying those shoes?

In the back of my head, could hear hubby say “but you would have saved even more if you hadn’t bought those shoes in the first place!!”

After much walking around, we both finally broke down due to tired feet (high heels are not meant for serious shopping) and headed off for our second meeting. It had just started to rain when our meeting ended so Kak Ida drove me to the nearest LRT station where I caught the next train to KL Sentral and then back to Cyberjaya. Hubby was glaring at the shopping bags I carried when he came to pick me up.

Tu beli apa lagi tu?

Kasut. Gila gila punya sale. They’re for formal dinners and weddings. Takkan nak pakai kasut kerje pi kenduri orang.

At which point hubby decided it was pointless to comment further and to just leave me alone with my happy smile and tired feet.


Anonymous said...

I knew i had been on da KTM train before..
Just can't remember where to..
And y did we went to JB again?
Err.. btw, u were referring to me right?

Along said...

yes, yes..I'm referring to you Angah. Remember, we went with wan and atok to see Makteh and family when they stayed in JB? What short memory you have. Makan Optivin sket. :D

Anonymous said...

Don't wory along. I pun tak pernak naik train KTM. Komuter pernah la. sedih tak?

Anonymous said...

and all this while i tot it was a trip to taiping!!
wat the hell do we wanna go to taiping for??